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Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place in Stavanger on Thursday, May 11, in Stavanger.

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Our spokespeople are specialised in various areas of the company so as to serve the media as well as possible. Please note that the media relations contacts will answer news media enquiries only.

Portrait of Bård Glad Pedersen
Bård Glad Pedersen
Vice President, Media Relations
Corporate affairs
Portrait of Erik Haaland
Erik Haaland
Communication Manager
International development, production and exploration
Portrait of Morten Eek
Morten Eek
Communication Manager
Development, production and exploration, Norwegian continental shelf
Portrait of Elin Isaksen
Elin A Isaksen
Communication Manager
New Energy Solutions (NES) and Marketing, midstream & processing (MMP)
eskil eriksen
Eskil Eriksen
Communication Manager
Research & technology, projects, drilling & well and procurement

Please note that Statoil media relations contacts can only answer enquiries from the news media .

Commercial proposal such as advertorials, advertisements or paid-for editorial content should be directed by mail only to Universal Media for consideration:
Petra Bernet (International requests)
Cathrine Jarning (Norwegian requests)

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Press clips for use in news films or documentaries can be ordered through Statoil's press archive.    

The archive contains descriptive film clips from our activities. When requesting access to the archive, please send an email to, and tell us what you are looking for and how the material will be used. Access is granted only for the application you specify in your request.

  • Normal delivery time is two working days.
  • Access to the group's film archives is only given to the press and our partners.

Key reports from Statoil, including our flagship Energy Perspectives, the Annual and Quarterly reports and Sustainability reports.

more than 0 countries

Founded in Norway in 1972, now with operations in 35 countries worldwide

0 state ownership

The Government of Norway is the largest shareholder in Statoil, while the rest is public stock

Approx. 0 employees

Approximately 17,000 of them are employed in Norway

Statoil in brief

Statoil at a glance

Statoil is an integrated, technology-based international energy company primarily focused on upstream oil and gas operations. We are committed to meeting the world's energy needs in a responsible manner, applying technology and creating innovative solutions.

We are a company built on our Norwegian heritage and pioneering spirit, and have developed the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) to become one of the world's leading petroleum regions. We are also the world's largest offshore operator, the second-largest gas exporter to Europe, and a world leader in carbon capture storage and carbon efficiency in oil and gas production. While seeking to satisfy growing energy demand we have to minimize the impact on our environment.

Our history

We were founded as The Norwegian State Oil Company (Statoil) in 1972, and became listed on the Oslo and New York stock exchanges in June 2001. Statoil merged with Hydro's oil and gas division in October 2007.

Our shareholders

The Norwegian State holds 67% of our shares through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, US investors hold 9.4%, private Norwegian owners hold 9.0%, UK investors hold 5.2%, and other European investors 7.48%, others 1.6%. 

*All figures from Annual report unless otherwise stated