It could have been the end of UK offshore wind. Rune Rønvik made sure it wasn’t.

Today, the Dudgeon offshore wind farm is open, and Sheringham Shoal is celebrating five years. But back in 2008 things looked very different. The Ministry of Defence objected: wind farms were a threat to national security. It was a showstopper, and the British wind industry was furious. But then Rune Rønvik had an idea.

Statoil is investing in a secure and sustainable energy future for the UK, with innovative offshore wind projects, upstream operations and reliable piped natural gas. For decades, we’ve enabled Norway to transform North Sea resources into vital energy; now we’re becoming a leading energy company in UK waters. See more on the campaign

We submitted the plan for development (PDO) for Johan Castberg on December 5.

Statoil has embarked on our digital journey, investing to secure a global leadership position within digitalisation. Not because digitalisation is a goal in itself, but because it enables us to work smarter, more safely and find better solutions for climate change. Find out about our digital roadmap and Centre of Digital Excellence here.

Two-thirds the height of the Eiffel tower—and weighing in at 46,000 tonnes. How do you transport a gigantic 200-metre-long spar platform that size halfway around the world? Read the story and see the videos of the transport, sailaway and hookup processes. (Updated)

Engineers of tomorrow do battle with Lego robots

14,000 Norwegian school children participate in First Lego League

First Lego League is the world’s largest knowledge competition for children. 14,000 children take part in the Lego robots competition,where Statoil’s Heroes of Tomorrow programme is the main sponsor.

IN FOCUS: Drone inspection of offshore wind turbines

José Vega-Lozano

Picture this: You need to inspect Sheringham Shoal offshore wind farm, which has been operating for 5 years. 88 turbines, with 3 blades each. That’s a lot of blades, 264 to be precise. You could spend 44 days visiting each one by boat, climbing each tower, but that would mean 352 personnel transfers and 176 lifting operations. Or you could survey them by drone. That’s what Dale Symonds’ team did. It halved the time to 20 days—and what’s more, he says they’re the best images they’ve ever had.

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VW’s head of CSR, Prof. Gerhard Prätorius, discusses with Statoil’s Bjørn Otto Sverdrup

In the aftermath of the “Dieselgate” emissions scandal, Volkswagen group has gone to great lengths to rebuild its reputation. VW is now committed to becoming a “role model for environment, safety and integrity.” But how sustainable is this vision? In this interview with VW’s Shift magazine, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Prätorius discusses the issue with Statoil’s Bjørn Otto Sverdrup.

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An international energy player

Statoil is an active player in many of the most important oil and gas provinces in the world, and our international developments are expected to account for most of our future production growth. Much of the expertise and technology we take with us abroad has been shaped in the challenging environment of the Norwegian contintental shelf. 

US shale interest owners: key information

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